What is WYTH?

WYTH is a new rideshare and carpool app specifically designed to serve college and university community members, and connect them to each other. Whether you need a ride across campus, across town, or across the country, WYTH’s unique “closed loop” system and business model offers a more affordable way to put students and the university community first.

How did WYTH start?

On a frigid winter’s day in 2017, a father embarked on the ritual of driving his daughter to school. Only, his daughter was a college sophomore, and her university was 160 miles away from home. He thought, “Isn’t there a better way for students to get to and from their college campuses?”

That father was Kal (Khalil Shalabi), our founder. 

And the idea for WYTH, a carpool and rideshare service that could more affordably transport students from the same college or university community, while reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, was born.


Create community and connections through mobility while positively impacting the environment.


Our vision is threefold:

  1. To leverage technology to bring the community together through affordable rideshare and carpool services.
  2. To promote safety through a closed-loop system in which drivers and riders are verified community members.
  3. To demonstrate environmental stewardship and leadership by reducing the burden on transportation systems and our collective carbon emissions.

We value and recognize the contributions and ideas of individuals. We treat people in a professional and respectful manner. We strive to delight the customer.

We are open to new and diverse ideas and embrace different perspectives. We strive for inclusion and diversity in all business interactions.

We act with integrity by maintaining honesty and honoring our commitments. We strive to be transparent in our business interactions.

We take personal responsibility in our roles. We strive to be good stewards of our resources, being continuously conscious of how our decisions impact our communities and the environment.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We set high standards for ourselves and aim to exceed expectations across our business interactions while keeping a customer focus.

We strive to be nimble and flexible, yet decisive and efficient in our business decisions and interactions. We determine when a change of course is needed and adjust accordingly. We aim to optimize our work through economies of scale. We seek to be innovative in our solutions.