What’s Different About WYTH Campus Rideshare?

WYTH is not a typical rideshare. We offer the following benefits to you and to your campus community:

All users must have a verified .edu email, so you can rest assured that rides are with people from your campus community. You can also make friends in the process!

The WYTH campus rideshare app covers main campus areas, including academic buildings, residential housing, athletic facilities, and nearby entertainment areas, focusing on your greatest campus transportation needs.

The first ride is free! After that, all rides within the main campus area are only $7 a ride! If you’re riding with friends, each additional rider only pays $2 (up to 3 riders total per trip).

More Ways WYTH Campus Rideshare Is Better...
A way to support your campus community.

At WYTH, we believe in giving back to the campus communities that we serve. A percentage of total WYTH campus rideshare revenue goes to the student organization of your choice. And because WYTH drivers are your fellow campus community members, you are supporting them as they earn $14 per hour!

A way to keep fares low and service to the campus community high.

WYTH campus rideshare operates as a pool, in which passengers share rides with other members of the campus community depending on routes and demand.

A way to help the environment.

WYTH campus rideshare not only limits congestion on campus, making for a smoother way for everyone to get around, but also lessens our collective carbon footprint by reducing emissions. In this way, the campus community can breathe easier in more ways than one!