Community User Guidlines

Wyth was created to provide a closed loop system for carpooling and rideshare services to members of an educational institution, including students and staff. Wyth strives to provide all users with a sense of community, to promote sustainability and safety, while providing users with the opportunity to supplement their income. To promote Wyth’s priorities of safety and community, Wyth asks all users to follow these guidelines to create an environment where all will feel safe and respected. We thank you for your assistance in acting in a manner consistent with these guidelines so that all users will have a positive experience through the Wyth platform.




User accounts.  All users can help to create a safe environment for any rideshare or carpool experience.  Each user has their own unique account tied to their active .edu email address.  Users are asked to maintain the security of their personalized account by only using their account information for their own personal use.  Users should never share their account information with any other individual.  All users are required to report to Wyth any changes in their active enrollment or employment status with their university.  Any failure to comply with this reporting requirement may result in suspension or termination from the Wyth platform.

Vehicle information.  To provide drivers and riders with the confidence of knowing that they are providing or receiving services that were arranged with verified users through the Wyth platform, users will receive identifying information for their trip.  This information may include a unique identifier QR code, as well as the license plate number, vehicle make and model, profile picture, and name.  All users should verify this information before providing or accepting carpool or rideshare services. 
Rideshare.  Wyth rideshare drivers are screened prior to providing rideshare services through the Wyth platform.  Drivers submit to a background check and a review of their driving record.  Drivers also must provide proof that their vehicle has passed an inspection and is safe and suitable for providing rideshare services.  Additionally, drivers must present evidence that they are either the owner of the vehicle to be used for ridesharing services or they are legally permitted to drive the vehicle, and that the vehicle is appropriately insured in compliance with any local and state minimum insurance requirements.  

Driver screenings.  Where required by law, Wyth rideshare and carpool drivers are screened prior to providing driving services through the Wyth platform as follows.

  1. Drivers submit to a background check and a review of their driving record.
  2. Drivers also must provide proof that their vehicle has passed an inspection and is safe and suitable for providing rideshare services.
  3. Drivers must present evidence that they are either the owner of the vehicle to be used for ridesharing services or they are legally permitted to drive the vehicle, and that the vehicle is appropriately insured in compliance with any local and state minimum insurance requirements.

Seat belts. All users within the vehicle must have their own seat belt, and all users are expected to wear their seatbelts at all times during the trip.  Seat belts are effective in protecting occupants of the vehicle from injury and can save lives in the event of a serious accident.  Rides are encouraged to decline a ride if they do not have a working seatbelt, and drivers may only accept a rider if there is a working seat belt for that rider.   

Follow the law and obey the rules of the road. All users should know the rules of the road and are expected to follow the law.  Drivers should exercise ordinary care while operating their vehicle, for the safety of themselves, any riders, all other users of the roads, and the general public.  Beyond the rules of the road, all users are similarly expected to know applicable laws and to abide by them.  No user may use the Wyth platform to commit a crime, including but not limited to transporting drugs or other contraband, money laundering, committing drug or human trafficking, or sexually exploiting children.  Any user intending or committing an act in violation of any law is strictly prohibited.

Carpool. For any carpool ride arranged through the Wyth platform, all users should verify that the driver offering the ride is licensed to operate the vehicle, is an authorized driver for the vehicle, and that the vehicle is properly insured.  Users should never accept a carpool ride from any driver unless they feel comfortable with the driver’s abilities, licensure and insurance.  Since some carpool drivers may also serve as rideshare drivers, users can see if a carpool driver has been screened and approved to provide rideshare services when arranging any carpool trip with a driver.  This may provide users with additional knowledge of screening of rideshare drivers who are also offering carpool services, as drivers only providing carpool services through the Wyth platform are not required to complete the same screening process (including background check, review of driver history, vehicle inspection, and insurance verification).

Drugs and alcoholDrug use and open containers of alcohol are never permitted during any ridesharing or carpool trip arranged through the Wyth application.  If you are a rider on a rideshare trip or a carpool trip, and you have reason to believe your driver is impaired or under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, request that the driver end the trip immediately. Then exit the vehicle and call 911. Wyth asks that you also report this event to Customer Service. 

Firearms ban. Users on the Wyth platform are prohibited from carrying firearms in any vehicle providing either rideshare or carpool services arranged through the Wyth platform. 



College and university student and staff populations are often diverse and may expose you to people who look different than you and think differently than you.  Wyth seeks to build a sense of community through its platform, and part of that community is encouraging users to respect those differences.  

Common courtesy.  To promote a safe and enjoyable experience for all users, Wyth encourages users to treat each other with respect and common courtesy.  Please be punctual when offering or receiving carpool or rideshare services.  Respect others by refraining from shouting or swearing.  Respect the property of others by using ordinary care, not slamming doors, cleaning up after yourself, and respecting requests from other users (e.g., no smoking). 
Sexual assault and misconductThe personal space and privacy of all users should be respected.  Users are permitted to chat with each other during rideshare or carpooling services, but users should respect that others may not wish to participate in discussions or communications.  Users should also appreciate that others may be offended by communications about their appearance, sexual preference or relationship status, and communications about these subjects should be avoided.  Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind is prohibited.  Sexual assault and misconduct include sexual contact or behavior without explicit consent of the other person.

Non-discrimination.  All Wyth users should feel safe and respected.  Wyth does not permit any discriminatory conduct of behavior.  Users are not permitted to discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.  Users cannot refuse to provide services based on any listed characteristics.  Any violation of this provision may result in user suspension or removal from access to the Wyth platform.


Physical contactAll users should refrain from physically touching others while using the Wyth platform for rideshare or carpool services.  Hurting or intending to hurt anyone is never allowed

Threatening Conduct. Aggressive, confrontational, or harassing behavior is not allowed. Users should not use language, gestures, or act in any manner that is disrespectful, threatening, or inappropriate. Drivers may refuse service if there is a reasonable question as to the personal safety of the driver or other passengers.

Dashcams and Other Recording Devices.  Where permitted by law, drivers may use dashcams and other recording devices during rides.  The footage from these devices may be shared with Wyth, law enforcement, and insurance companies in the event of an incident.    Drivers must follow all applicable laws with respect to their use of dashcams and recording devices, including, but not limited to, obtaining prior rider consent (when dual consent is required) and posting signage making the presence of such devices known.  All users are encouraged to consult local laws to ensure their understanding of their rights and obligations.


Any user who broadcasts or redistributes another person’s image or recording in a public forum (including social media) without the person’s prior consent is in violation of the Community User Guidelines.  Users found to be in violation of this policy may have their access to the Wyth platform suspended or terminated.



Wyth seeks to help users to build a sense of community on their campus.  To promote a positive experience for all users, Wyth asks for your assistance in making the platform better by providing your feedback.  After your carpool or rideshare experience, we ask for your feedback.  We want to know how your experience was, whether your feedback is good or bad.  We ask you to rate your driver, and if you wish to share additional information, please contact us through Customer Service.  We want to continue to make the application and the user experience better, and your feedback is important to these efforts.   Honest feedback also helps Wyth ensure that all users are acting in a manner consistent with these Guidelines and allows Wyth to hold users accountable to unacceptable behavior. 

Enforcement.  Wyth takes all feedback seriously, and when violations of these Guidelines, any Wyth policy, or law are reported, Wyth will investigate these reports.  User access to the Wyth platform may be suspended pending the investigation, and where appropriate, users may lose access to the Wyth platform permanently.


Last Updated: 12/31/21