Student Organization Partnerships

Wyth’s commitment to college and university communities extends beyond rideshare and carpooling services. In addition to promoting safer and more affordable transportation solutions on and off campus, we give back to Student Organizations through our unique revenue sharing structure.

Partner Benefits to Student Organizations:
  • $1 for every hour a driver works goes to their student organization
  • 5% for every dollar spent by a rider goes to their student organization
  • 60% of total Wyth revenue goes back into the university community through revenue sharing and pay to drivers – all of whom must have a validated .edu address.
  • Unlimited earning potential. The more drivers and riders associated with your organization use Wyth, the higher your earnings!
Interested in Partnering Wyth Us?
  • An Agreement between your student organization and Wyth on roles is required.
  • Organizations will have a code for drivers and riders they recruit.

University Partnerships

Are your students and/or student organizations looking for revenue opportunities? Then Wyth is the solution for you!

Partnership Benefits & Values

Becoming a university partner offers several benefits, including the following:

A less burdened transportation system.

Wyth campus rideshare and carpool services can offset some of the demands on existing campus parking, buses and other transportation services. 

A more mobile campus.

Students can get across campus more quickly and conveniently with Wyth rideshare service, which focuses on the primary campus areas. And since Wyth campus rideshare operates into the early morning hours, students will have the convenience and security of door-to-door service when other modes of transportation have shut down for the night.

A closed-loop network of Drivers & Riders.

Because all Drivers and Riders must be validated members of the same college or university, users can be confident that they are riding with their fellow campus community members.

A way for student organizations to make money.

Student organizations who partner with us receive a percentage of the revenue generated from their members who use the Wyth app, either as a driver or a rider. This provides a key source of income to help the student organizations achieve their missions and goals.

A way for students, faculty, & staff to make money driving for Wyth.

Drivers on the rideshare platform earn $14 per hour, and students who are driving on the carpool platform can negotiate pricing per seat and keep 75% of the fares.

A way to save the environment!

Ridesharing and carpooling can help reduce our carbon footprint. For every mile that people carpool, they save 1 pound of CO2 emissions. Wyth can help you make the campus community more environmentally friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Come partner Wyth us!