Safety isn’t an afterthought,

It’s the whole mission.

Who can Drive/Ride

All riders and drivers must be current university student, faculty, or staff member with a valid school ID creating a closed loop transportation community.

Cashless Transactions

Wyth takes the awkwardness out of financial transactions and handling money. Pre-paid ride tokens are loaded into accounts and all payments are made through a PCI DSS compliant system.

Verification of Rider/Driver

Verification by both the driver and rider via a QR code scan and current photos in confirmed profile. All drivers are identified with a Wyth Dashboard Placard.

Covid-19 Tracing

Covid-19 contact tracing is built into the application and can be produced when requested.

How Are Drivers Hired

All drivers are interviewed one-on-one by the Wyth HR team, a formal vetted application, and all drivers must pass a background check.

The University Role in Wyth

Wyth works closely with the transportation and public safety teams to ensure campus safety policies are followed.