Whether you’re using our closed loop mobility app for campus rideshare or carpool, you could be sharing a ride with friends, both current and future, every time you step into a Wyth car. Every ride is an opportunity to connect with a classmate or other member of your campus community!

In order to create an environment where you can travel comfortably and enjoy your experience, we encourage everyone to be kind and respectful as they share their journeys together. All of our users are expected to follow our Community Guidelines.

When it comes to safety, Wyth aims to provide a secure way of getting around the campus with our Campus Rideshare, and beyond campus with our Carpool service, which accommodates longer distances.

Wyth offers the following safety features:

Proprietary Closed Loop System

All users are verified members of the university community and are required to provide their .edu email addresses in order to create an account and use the Wyth app.

When you ride with Wyth, you don’t just see the drivers or riders’ names, pictures, and ratings—you can Go Wyth Those You Know belong to your campus community!

Multi-level Verification for Drivers and Riders

Our unique Vetted Source TM user platform gives us a multi-level way of verifying our drivers and riders through trusted sources beyond simple initial account creation.

In App SOS Icon

Our app includes an SOS icon at the top right of every screen, which allows you to quickly call for help if there’s an emergency or incident during your trip.

Wyth’s SOS icon will allow you to easily and immediately call your Campus Security or 911 while using the app. If you call 911 from the Wyth app, the app displays your live location and trip details so you can share them with the emergency dispatcher.

In App Track Me Technology for Carpool

Our technology allows you to share your location and trip details with friends and family during longer carpool trips.

Driver Background and DMV Checks

We conduct comprehensive background checks on all rideshare drivers, including criminal checks and driving violations.

Mandatory Driver Safety Education

All Wyth drivers undergo safety training as part of their onboarding process. This includes …

Vehicle inspections

Waiting for text

Auto Insurance

Waiting for text

Driver TNC Insurance Endorsement

Waiting for text

Trip Cancellation Due to Safety Concerns

If a Driver or Rider at any time feels unsafe, the ride can be cancelled with no fees or penalties.

Personal Information Protection

Our app securely stores your data, and other users will not be able to see your personal phone number or other identifying information.

Follow CDC Covid-19 Guidelines

Per the CDC’s latest transportation guidelines, masks are optional for riders and drivers. However, the CDC recommends wearing a mask if you have personal risk factors and/or live in areas with high transmission levels. 

We know that people have different comfort levels when it comes to personal health safety and may choose to wear a mask. We encourage everyone to be respectful of each other’s preferences, treat each other courteously, and do their part to protect themselves and their community.

We're here to help.

We can be easily reached to assist you with whatever you need. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and we would be happy to help! Wyth is always seeking to innovate and improve the mobility experience for our Riders and Drivers, including more safety features. Check back for updates as we expand!

Read our Community Guidelines